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December 9, 2021

Making things easier

The ease of managing members and its simple integration into multiple other applications makes a lot of the daily work easier. There was a slight worry to the learning curve for members but for the most part it has been ok during our rollout. Payment integration has been amazing. and integrations with MailChimp and slack have taken many steps out of the process for me.

So far it's been great. The support team is fast and responsive and really attentive to all the issues I have brought up or speed bumps I have had, whether my own or on the system end.

Reviewed by
Mario S.
January 13, 2022

Tremendous customer support

Great choice for membership management/payments for small organizations on a limited budget

Easily handles our membership management needs with a minimum of fuss. Handles payments through Stripe transparently. Also handles off-line payments without much bother. Imports member lists through Excel and from MailChimp. Excellent value for the money. Tremendous customer support (can't say this enough!)

What is most outstanding about Join It is their customer support. I manage 100+ Software-as-a-Service installations in my professional life and have never experienced better customer support than what Join It provides. Almost instant responses to tickets by super-knowledgeable staff, problems resolved very quickly, whether they're issues I caused or perhaps the rare problem at their end. Kudos to Join It.

Switch from: Microsoft Excel

Reviewed by
Tony A.
March 4, 2022

Very simple and quick to use

Very simple and quick to use. We can train our front of house personnel to use it with ease. As a tiny heritage garden charity we did a lot of research initially and the low set up price was really crucial. We were very nervous about signing up to a US based company- a big jeopardy for us . But they were really approachable and very efficient. It never felt ,like we were too small to count, there was a lot of patience that so many of us were volunteers. The dashboard is really easy to use and to navigate. lots of in depth info about each member easily accessible. And it loads quickly too ! It took a bit of work to understand the jargon to set it up - but that was mainly because we'd never had another membership system before. Its logical and visually appealing to work with

Reviewed by
Glynis P.
March 12, 2022

Hosted membership solution that integrates with leading software

We needed a highly available, fully hosted solution that provided the ability to integrate with some of the leading software, for example Eventbrite and Constant Contact. Join It does exactly that and with excellent support.

I absolutely loved the technical support we received during the trial period. Superior technical support since we started using the product. We very rarely have to wait for an answer to any type of question from the Join It team and the answers are always right on target. In addition, they partner with and integrate with the best software providers in their respective business areas (email marketing, events, payment processing, financials).

Reasons for Switching to Join It: The other products had a complete suite of services. There was too much overlap of their suite of functions with our existing software. We needed a membership management application that allowed us to uniquely define the membership types (individuals, organizations, and businesses). We needed more than one administrator and the ability to add some custom fields to the membership database.

Alternatives ConsideredWildApricot & NeonCRM

Reviewed by
Melissa W.
February 19, 2021

We Are Very Pleased With Our Join It Experience

The membership renewal feature (automatic emails) is very effective and saves time. The merge memberships feature is very useful!

Join It was recommended by our website developer for managing memberships to our nonprofit organization. The website developer set up a lot of the links for us, but it was easy for our board of directors to learn how to use the software. Join It provides prompt and excellent feedback when we submit questions using the chat feature.

Reviewed by
Sharon B.
November 11, 2020

So Easy To Use, Flexible Set Up, And The Integrations Work Well

Biggest Pros

  • Easy to use interface
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Customer support

Thought it would work well with what we needed - and we were right. The integration with MailChimp is particularly valuable to us.

There really isn't anything bad you can say about this product. I did a fair bit of research and am glad I landed on this. All you need to do is change some of the "Americanisms" in the template emails etc but apart from that, this is ready to go for even the smallest databases. In fact we started with zero and are now in a health four figure range thanks to the way this works. Obviously this comes highly recommended.

Reviewed by
Neil J.
January 22, 2021

Most Intuitive Membership Platform On The Market

Incredibly easy to use and set-up, with a friendly and fast support team too for bouncing questions off of. The membership database is super customizable, which is perfect for our needs as a museum. We can export data using tons of filter options, like specific membership types or date ranges of join/expiration.

Also amazing integration with Eventbrite! This offers us a way to provide discounted and free tickets to members, offer different perks amount different membership levels, and track all of their discount usage in one place, while creating a seamless and simple experience for the member when checking out on Eventbrite.

Reviewed by
Aaron C.
August 5, 2020

Membership Software That's Very Easy To Understand


  • Very simple to understand
  • Clean layout
  • Easy payment gateway connection
  • Stellar customer support

The Customer Service team went above and beyond to help me understand, implement and maintain membership software for my various websites.

Compassionate and generous pricing and trial experiences to get up and running sustainably especially during challenging economic/business times.

Reviewed by
Bernd Z.
October 16, 2020

Easy To Use Membership Management For Our Organization!

Join It is easy to use, and the support staff is great. The interfaces are simple and it does the job that we need.

I find it perfect for our needs and we like it a lot.

Reviewed by
Maria A.
October 15, 2020

Join It Is Worth Every Penny!

Join It made it very easy to establish membership levels and then change them as needed. As a new organization we knew we wanted to make an introductory offer to our legacy mailing list, but we weren't sure what the second phase would look like when we opened up to the public. Once we decided we were able to immediately implement the program with incredible ease.

It's hard to find a knock against this platform. As the executive director of our organization I'm pretty busy with work in a number of areas and needed something we could rely on which was also intuitive and user-friendly. Join It provided all the bells and whistles we needed right away, and right at our fingertips.

Reviewed by
Kevin J Rogers
September 4, 2020

Easy Membership Integrations with Leading Software

Biggest Pros: The ease of use, integration with leading software, and impressive customer support.

Wild Apricot was limited and clunky. Most importantly, their website builder doesn't compare to WordPress, nor does their email compare to MailChimp, nor do the events have the benefits of Eventbrite - which I am now liberated to use because of Join It.

My organization used Wild Apricot before. It made doing all we wanted to do kind of simple, combining website building, emailing, selling tickets, and taking payments in one program. Problem is, it didn't do any of those things very well. Our website felt like it was built on Windows 95, and doing anything was just sort of a pain. Lots of bugs that I had to learn to work around.

I was looking for something that would allow us to offer membership discount and also have an awesome website. I wanted to start selling through eventbrite, so people not in our community could learn about our events. I found JoinIt, which looked better than anything else in my research, and haven't looked back. This company understands the modern world. They integrate with the best technologies. And they excel in service, knowing that's the best way to serve their bottom line. I'm very excited, and anticipate the program will only get better.

Reviewed by
Dominic K.
July 23, 2020

Easy To Use Membership Management For Our Organization!

We were looking for product that we can fundraise for our non-profit with a membership based donation! it does exactly what we need, emails, digital cards, create a membership base.

We are working on it as we speak, all good so far, customer service was wonderful and there for the help as needed :) and very courteous! 5 stars!

it was exactly what we needed.

Note of Review: During the evaluation process, Wild Apricot was also considered and researched before selecting Join It. 

Reviewed by
Jeremy S.
July 20, 2020

Happy Newcomer, Better Membership Management!

I really appreciate the accessibility of Leah when I have questions. I'm new to this role and to working with systems like JoinIt and it's really been fun to figure it out, and to know that there's friendly help available when I need it!

Reviewed by
Niki P.
June 20, 2020

Highly Recommended for Membership Management

We love using Join It. Their customer service is amazing and goes beyond what was expected and what I've received from any other company. My organization loved our free trial so much (30 days. ) we have decided to subscribe on an annual basis.

This platform is amazing. we no longer need to manually follow up with members for payments and update our mailing lists. It was simply too much work for something a database system can do much more efficiently and accurately.

Amazing. We had a few issues with syncing 3rd party items (entirely our fauly for making errors prior to joining this platform). Join IT went out of their way to not only help identify the problem but also recommend a solution. 10/10

Reviewed by
Jordan D.
June 1, 2020

This Membership Software Is So Easy To Use

This software is so easy to use, however there are times I have a problem or two. It is user friendly and easy to understand.

When I had technical problems very recently, I was lucky enough to have Leah on the other end of my email conversation. She was just amazing and so helpful with her suggestions to work through my problem. She went above and beyond and was readily available all of the time. I have also had occasion to speak to Leah on email and she also has been so helpful.

Reviewed by
Maureen H.
April 20, 2020

Great Customer Service & Great Membership Software

Pros: Ease of use, great value of money, several features and integrity with other companies

Great customer service, great platform, great price.

Reviewed by
May 23, 2020

Perfect For Managing Our Club Memberships

The integration with other apps such as Stripe payments and MailChimp make this software very useful. The level of support is excellent and mostly the response time is rapid compared to other packages.

Easy to use and functional. With a few more small tweaks it would be perfect. The JoinIt team will listen to all comments and will take action to improve the package if appropriate.

Reviewed by
Jeff H.
May 27, 2020

Upgrade from Do It Yourself to Automatic Management

We are a medium not for profit recreational shooting club that needed to come into the 21st century for communicating with members. Join It fills the need of managing our database in tandem with our new web site.

Reviewed by
Bill O.
April 15, 2020

Our Nonprofit Got Started In One Day!

After a horrid launch with a competitive product, I switched to Join It and was up and running in 1 day.

No hassles, no excuses, just progress and support. Sent my data, they notified me of errors, we fixed them and BAM! it was done.

Taking on new members within the hour.

Reviewed by
Jim B.
November 18, 2019

Perfect Membership Management Software for Novices and Experts Alike

We were exploring various membership management software systems and Join It met all of our needs at a price that was reasonable. The site was easy to become familiar with and was laid out in a clean and visually streamlined manner. There are enough options to customize things but not so many that it is overwhelming for people who do not have experience with membership management systems. I highly recommend this for all types of companies, whether you are a non-profit or a for-profit business.

Pros: Visually clean page that is easy to use for members of all ages Ease of use and navigation Layout of tools Very responsive customer service department Reasonably priced Streamlined with other services such as Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, etc.

Reviewed by
Diana M.
April 22, 2020

It Was Very Easy To Set Up For Library Membership!

It was very easy to set up, and easy to amend features as we ourselves develop. It is very easy to use, gather relevant data and communicate with my customers. The customer support is superb. The quick help guides often have answers to my questions, and if not, then I can use the online chat support, and the team is excellent at getting back to me quickly and are always helpful.

Join It has enabled me to gather meaningful data on my clients, eg where a new member heard about our services, which industry sector they are in, legal structure, etc, all of which helps me with our marketing plan. Any time I have wanted help, the team has always been there to give me assistance, and they are also compiling a list of additional options that their customers have requested and they update me as and when there are new functions available.

Reviewed by
Wendy F.
October 14, 2019

Very Pleased With This Membership Platform

While exploring the platform, the customer service was fast and courteous. Clearly, this team has spent a lot of time developing this system that works so well for a non-profit.

Pros: It totally manages enrollment of new members and is easy to navigate the membership data.

Reviewed by
Darrell G.
July 19, 2019

Finally a dedicated solution just to manage membership

Overall, we are very satisfied with this product. We have tried several other alternatives that we had to use all sorts of workarounds to achieve our goals. Join It is a streamline membership management solution.

Pros: My favorite feature of Join It is that it focuses on managing memberships. Many of the other CRM solutions we discovered provide 25 features, but are lacking on member management.

Reviewed by
Justin H.
February 25, 2020

The More You Use This Membership Software, The Better The Fit For Your Organization

Overall: Like most small organizations we don't have enough staff or a dedicated IT person on site. But even without dedicated membership staff, Join It simply made membership signup and payment problems go away. Solve my problems quickly and you get my business. Our members now do 100% of their own member setup on the Join It Portal. Talk about saving us time.

Pros: We use every feature Join It provides. To me this is the true measure of the worth of any software app. It took less than a day setup, write copy and prepare offers so we could start signing up members with Join It. Our members mentioned how easy it was to sign up and begin their membership. We signed up 35 members in the first day Join It was on-line. Not one problem. It took us 2+ weeks to get the app Join It replaced up and running. And then we needed to bring in a consultant to finish our setup.

Reviewed by
John S.
February 12, 2020

Upgrade For Your Membership Or Organization!

Overall we are very pleased. This is the first membership software that works for our group.

My team loves this system so much! I appreciate the new directory feature, but hoping it will expand even more. Love the finances and direct integration with EventBrite and Stripe! So seamless and makes life so easy to run reports and help members.

Reviewed by
Janet B.
November 14, 2019

The Automation And Automatic Renewal Features Are Amazing!

We've been tracking our members in spreadsheets, notebooks, homemade access databases for years. Such a pain! We recently revamped our website and started using Eventbrite, which integrates with Join It. SUCH a difference in member management. The automation and renewal features are amazing! Certainly making my life easier.

Pros: Automation features and renewal reminders

Reviewed by
Kate S.
August 5, 2019

Wonderful Product For Our Art Center's Memberships and Donations

Jumped OUT of DonorPerfect. It was complicated and did more than we needed. Join It meets our needs exactly and offers wonderful integrations for future growth and use.

Pros: This is the most user friendly membership management program I have ever seen.

Reviewed by
Danielle D.
February 27, 2020

Easy To Use Membership Management For Our Organization!

Particularly noteworthy is Join It's superb customer support, including on-line articles, and especially prompt individual support.

Join It is easy and intuitive to use, with essential features to manage membership for a smallish community organization.

In our experience, no essential function is missing.

Reviewed by
Maygene D.
March 20, 2019

The Membership Management Solution We Have Been Waiting For!

The initial attraction to Join It was the Eventbrite Integration. This is going to create big opportunities for us in creating and promoting events where memberships are included in the attendance cost. The ease of syncing with SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite and MailChimp, and others is huge benefit. We rely on board member/committee member volunteers for our non-profit to assist me with various tasks, and letting them work with these services they are used to from other things they do in their lives is a huge plus. The initial best part of moving to Join It was the friendly, fast, and thorough assistance in migrating.

We signed up for the Business plan, and it was money well-spent. It's so refreshing to find that. From the conference call explaining the service to me, to the migration itself, to helping me sort things out in the feature set, it has been delightful. I normally cringe at the thought of chat support. Not this time. We used another membership management company, they were not friendly or responsive, took a long time to reply, had no integrations, and a clunky user interface that looked like it was written in Cold Fusion in 2001. Firing them and taking Join It live for our members made my day.

Reviewed by
Mike L.
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