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Digital membership cards are a great way to give members additional benefits and foster a sense of community.

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Start rolling out 
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Customize your card template to match your brand

Add your organization name, logo, and color scheme to match the brand your members know and love

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Send a Test Card to see it in action

Once you’ve decided on the look and feel of the card, you can send a test card to view what your digital membership cards will look like. Depending on the information that’s associated with the membership, they’ll include the following fields:

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Send out to your members

Easily send your membership cards through our Quick & Easy Emails tool or by sharing a link to your members portal through our integrations with email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Contact Contact.

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Integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

Digital membership cards allow your members to keep their access to your organization right in their pocket (or Apple watch!).

Many members are already used to keeping their boarding passes, concert tickets, or loyalty cards in their digital wallet — why not your membership card too?

Members on both iPhones and Android phones can make use of digital cards. Their name, membership type, status, and ID number will all be displayed on their digital card.

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Why your members will love their digital cards

Increased engagement

Over time, we've seen that digital membership cards can increase loyalty and engagement because they help your members feel like they belong to a secure, exclusive group.

Easier Management

With membership cards, running any sort of event or activity that requires a sign-in action becomes infinitely easier. Easily see which members attended which meeting, event, or conference, and prioritize the ones that get the most attendance.

Customize your card

You can customize the design of the card to match the look and feel of your brand.

Background color
Organization name
Label color
Text color

QR Code check-in

Our Digital Membership Cards can have a QR code which facilitates quick & easy Membership Check-ins.

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Top-rated customer support

4.7 Stars on Capterra

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ZFIT found Join It to be very simple to understand due to it's clean layout and stellar customer support. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for membership software!
Bernd Z.
The Modern Whig Institute appreciated how easy it was to set up their membership program and then make adjustments as needed. Would highly recommend Join It to others.
Modern Whig Institute
Kevin J Rogers
Easily handles our membership management needs with a minimum of fuss. Excellent value for the money. Tremendous customer support (can't say this enough!)
The Orient Association
Tony A.

Ready to roll out digital membership cards?

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No credit card required
No setup cost
No hidden fees
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