Digital Membership Cards

Join It's digital membership cards are a great way to give members additional benefits and foster a sense of community.

Digital membership cards are an easy way to help verify membership, offer additional benefits, and more!

Digital membership cards allow your members to keep their access to your organization right in their pocket. Many members will already have an app for boarding passes, concert tickets, or loyalty cards, and now you can make use of this app as well. Members on iPhones or Android phones can make use of digital cards, and the member's name, membership type, status, and ID number will all be available on the digital card. 

Organizations can choose to stick to our default logo and color scheme, or users on our Total Package can customize the cards to match an organization's brand colors and logos. 

Increased Engagement

Over time, we've seen that digital membership cards can increase loyalty and engagement because they help your members feel like they belong to a secure, exclusive group. 

Looking to customize your digital membership cards to better align with your brand? While every user gets access to our digital membership cards, only users on our Total and Extra Packages have the ability to customize the look and feel of these cards

Easier Management 

With membership cards, running any sort of event or activity that requires a sign-in action becomes infinitely easier. Easily see which members attended which meeting, event, or conference, and prioritize the ones that get the most attendance. 

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