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Our Membership CRM makes it dead simple organize, automate and optimize your member data.

A Powerful Membership CRM That's Easy To Use

Join It is the Ultimate Membership CRM. If your organization needs a Membership CRM system to help you organize, automate and optimize your member data, Join It is a dead simple way to get it done. With features like Custom Membership Fields, Admin-only fields, standardized fields to clean up your data, Migration Services for Member Import and more, Join It is the most powerful Membership CRM system that's still intuitive to use.

Create Custom Membership Fields

Our Membership CRM supports the creation of custom fields, so that you can store any data that you need! You can create these fields to collect in a number of different formats: Text fields, Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, Checkboxes, etc.

Admin-only Fields

In addition to creating custom Membership Fields that can be viewed by your members. You can also create custom fields that are only available to your organization's admins. So if there's information that you need to store on a member

Clean Up Your Data

By using Join It as your Membership CRM, you'll be able to leverage our field standardization to improve your operations. For example, by using our Membership CRM — you’ll standardize fields like a Membership’s Expiration Date. This standardization will allow you to automate your renewal reminders and expiration notices, as well as improve your reporting.

Member Import with our Complimentary Migration Services

We simplify your onboarding by applying our experience and expertise to getting your existing membership data (regardless of it's format) into a standardized format, that's ready for import.


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