Membership Management for Student Clubs

At high schools and universities alike, student clubs and organizations are a vital part of the student experience! 

Whether these groups bring together students from the same areas of study, similar interests, or even Greek fraternities and sororities, membership management can be a headache. With Join It, administrators can keep in touch with members by using our Quick and Easy email feature, or integrating with tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Offer members-only content like video tutorials, event access, and product discount codes that are exclusively for your members. 

Administrators can also rely on our failed payment notifications, automated renewal reminders, and live chat support to make sure Join It works for you and your organization! Start your free trial today! 

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Features loved by these Organizations

Events for Members

Configure members-only benefits, like discount and early access codes, for upcoming events.

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Process Payments for Membership

Process membership payments through one of our helpful tools.

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Email Marketing and Communication

Leverage one of our email marketing integration partners to maintain your email lists for regular member communication.

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Members Database with Multiple Users

Join It makes it easy to invite and collaborate with other folks in your organization.

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Membership CRM

If you're looking for a membership CRM system for your membership organization, Join It makes it dead simple organize, automate and optimize your member data.

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Join It integrates with a number of your favorite apps like QuickBooks, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Slack, and more.

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