Recurring Billing for Memberships

Setting up Recurring billing for Memberships is a great way to increase revenue, reduce membership churn, and remove a manual task for your members (and you!).

How it works

Using Recurring Billing is the best way to make sure your members are retained and you have predictable revenues to run your organization.

When setting up your different Membership Types, you can select whether you want the payments to automatically recur or not.

Your options within Join It:

  • Recurring Billing Only: The most impactful approach in terms of member retentions and predictable revenue is to default to Recurring Billing for Memberships. We recommend that all of our customers take advantage of this feature because of how big of an impact we’ve observed. Additionally, there’s an feature in our software that allows members to cancel their recurring billing through the members portal - so members who insist on opting-out can cancel their recurring billing if the organization has this feature enabled.
  • Optional Recurring Billing: If you’re unable to offer Recurring Billing only, then we also support Optional Recurring Billing. With this feature, you can enable a member to select whether or not they want their membership to automatically recur during their checkout.
  • One-time Payments Only: And lastly, we do support one-time payments as well. Since there are very large benefits to offering recurring billing, we heavily encourage our customers to use Recurring Billing Only or Optional Recurring Billing - but we understand that every organization has their own circumstances and this isn’t always possible.

Failed Payments Notifications

When collecting recurring payments for your memberships, you will encounter Failed Payments. Between expiring cards, lost cards, and everything in-between - it’s just the nature of recurring payments.

Join It is a powerful tool to help you recover those Failed Payments through our Automated Emails Notifications.

Join It sends a series of emails prompting them to update their payment method. And we make it dead simple to update their payment method through a hosted invoice that doesn’t even require logging in.

If a member doesn’t correct their failed payments, then the membership will automatically be cancelled and they’ll be notified of their cancellation.


With Recurring billing for memberships, you’ll decrease membership churn and have more predictable revenue to run your organization. Due to the massive benefits we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this feature.


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