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Membership management features you shouldn't have to live without.

The member table is one of the features that we regularly review here at Join It. While we look to integrate with best-in-class services for many of the regular tasks that an organization needs to accomplish like email marketing or event management, the member table sits squarely on the side features that we prefer to keep in-house.

It’s the first place many organizations visit when they login to Join It. It’s an organization’s source of truth for anything from pricing revisions to event planning. It contains all the information most vital to any organization.

As a result, we focus much of our energy and resources to make this tool more intuitive, powerful, and easier to use.

Powerful Analytics

  • Multi-Criteria Search: Hunt for groups of members that share multiple criteria. You can hone in on member cohorts based on combinations of membership tiers and status such as active members, prospective members, and others.
  • Search Result Count: We include a running tally of members that fit the specified criteria.
  • Enhanced Sorting: We’ve added sorting options to the member table so that you can list your members by various dates and alphabetically across different data fields like name, email address, and membership type.

Easy to Export

Beyond the in-app functionality, we make it simple for you to export a list of your member data at any time. Sometimes it’s just easier to use spreadsheet software for analytics. You can always find the Export Members button at the bottom of your member table.


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