Automated Membership Reminders & Renewals

Our software makes it super simple to set up member renewals and reminders so that your members never miss a payment by accident again.

Reminding your members to renew their membership with your organization is easy with Join It. With a few simple steps, you can set up friendly emails to be delivered before an expiration date. Set it and forget it!

Setting Expiration Reminders

Sending expiration reminders can make the membership experience much smoother for your members! You can easily help them avoid having to renew a lapsed membership with our expiration email reminders.

Email reminders are configured based on how many days in advance of an expiration date that you’d like to send your gentle reminder. Choose from 30 days, seven days, two days, or one day in advance of the expiration date. You can choose to send just one reminder or a couple of reminders over a longer period.

We’ve found that sending these reminders helps Organizations reduce churn and improve member satisfaction. It also allows members to update any payment or address information and avoid a missed payment!

Members Still Expiring?

If your member doesn’t take any action from the reminders, Join It will automatically send a final notice when the membership expires.

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