Simple Membership Software

We provide tools to run your organization and automate repetitive tasks,
so that you spend less time managing your members.
Quick & Intuitive Set Up

Set Up Your Structure

We're packed with features that give you flexibility and power, without sacrificing ease-of-use and an intuitive interface. Customize your setup to meet the needs of your Organization.

Multiple Tiers

Create an unlimited number of membership types to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Rebill, One-time, or Optional

Your Membership Types can automatically rebill, act as a one-time payment, or give your member the choice between the two options.

Any Interval or Durations

Memberships can last any interval, expire on a specific date, or you can set a custom interval.

Track with Assigned Statuses

With statuses like Prospective, Pending, and Inactive - you can track all of your members in one place - despite the member's current place in their life-cycle.
Simple & Powerful Tools

Manage Your Members

Once you're set up, we have all the essential tools for managing your members. All of your membership data is kept in one convenient place, where you can filter and search the members table and then view or update data on beautiful membership records.

All Members Info in 1-place

Securely store your membership information in a hosted database that standardizes your data to keep every organized.

Quick & Easy Emails

Easily send emails to individual members or use segmentation to target members by status, membership type, and other factos.

Multi-user Access

Collaborate with other folks by giving them access to your organization. Choose from different levels of access.


Efficient Workflow

Hire a Robot

Automate Yourself To Freedom

Use our automation tools to get organized and claim back your time. Our features help reduce manual tasks throughout the membership life cycle.

Automated Emails

Customize email templates that are automatically triggered upon specific membership events; like when a member joins, expires, or cancels.

Sync Across Platforms

Automate data syncs to our partners; like MailChimp, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, Eventbrite & many more.

Automated Renewals

Put your renewals on auto-pilot with the ability to setup multiple renewal reminder ongoing campaigns, online payments, and pre-filled renewal checkout forms.

Failed Payment Collection

Reduce membership churn with automated failed payment collection. Multiple email notifications that direct members to hosted landing pages for easy payment method update (no login required).

Simple to start. easy to use.

Packed With Features

Join It Pricing & Free Trials

Straightforward pricing with no setup costs and no hidden fees.
Annual plans get a 10% discount and nonprofit organizations qualify for an additional 10% discount.



/ Month
/ Month
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Perfect for small organizations that are just getting started

Collect custom fields
Unlimited automations
Up to 500 members in your database
3.0% service fee for online transactions
1 admin seat included
/ Month
/ Month
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Favored by medium-sized organizations that need automation to reduce manual tasks

Everything in Starter Package, plus:
Admin-only custom fields
Member Directory
Up to 1,500 members in your database
2.5% service fee for online transactions
3 admin seats included
/ Month
/ Month
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Ideal for larger organizations that need a more custom solution

Everything in Growth Package, plus:
Custom digital membership cards
Removed Join It branding
API and webhook access
Up to 5,000 members in your database
2.0% service fee for online transactions
5 admin seats included
/ Month
/ Month
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Built for our largest organizations that need more member capacity

Everything in Total Package, plus:
Up to 15,000 members in your database
1.5% service fee for online transactions
10 admin seats included

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