The Simple Membership Portal

Join It's membership member portal software makes it easy for users to create a profile & access their profile with your organization to keep their member information up-to-date.

Members can access their profile with your organization to update their personal information. As they relocate or change their email address, they can leverage their member profile to stay up to date in their system.

Profile Creation

You can create a member profile in one of two ways: first, you can upload existing members when you start using Join It, and second, members can create their own profile when they join your organization.

In the first case, a member can claim their account at any time by clicking the Log In link at the top of your organization profile. They’ll be prompted to enter their email address and set a password upon their first visit. This process would be the same for any member that is added manually.

In the second case, as a member joins from your organization’s public profile, their member profile will be available to them after they’ve set a password.

Updating Profiles

From their profile, a member can upload a profile picture and adjust any information that pertains to their membership. These profile updates will sync with your member table in real-time.


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