How to build a Membership Database

Setting up your membership database with *Join It* is quick and easy.

To add a single member, follow these steps: 1. [Sign up]( for you account on *Join It* and go through the onboarding process to get your initial set-up (don't worry, it's only two steps!)

1. To manually enter a member into your database, use the left hand navigation to go to the 'Members' section.

1. Click the button that says "Add Member".

1. Fill out the form with the information of the Member that you would like to add. 1. To submit the information of the new member, click on the button that says "Add Member".

If you need to bulk import members, you can do so with this link: [](

Of course, for larger lists, this can be more complicated -- so please reach out to us if there are any questions!

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