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Build your Church Community with our simple membership database. We help automate your membership tasks, so that you can focus on your community.

Are you tired of managing members information manually? Are you losing members because they aren't being reminded to renew? Join It is a simple, easy to use membership management system for Churches.

Managing your church community shouldn't take hours of your time each week. We've built a membership system that is incredibly user-friendly, has everything you need right out of the gate, and is easy to use.

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Features loved by these Organizations

Member Directory

Now organizations can activate a Member Directory, so that their active members can browse or search other members. When activating the Directory, an Organization will have the chance to determine which fields are displayed.

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Automated Membership Renewal Reminders

Configure membership renewal reminders to automatically send to members as their expiration date approaches.

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Recurring Billing

Join It is a membership payment system makes that makes it dead simple to charge your member fees without ever missing a beat & integrate with all major merchant providers.

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Membership CRM

If you're looking for a membership CRM system for your membership organization, Join It makes it dead simple organize, automate and optimize your member data.

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Join It integrates with a number of your favorite apps like QuickBooks, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Slack, and more.

These integrations mean your data will always be up-to-date and ready when you need it.

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