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Help organizations build communities around the world by providing a constantly improving service.

Our micro-communities define who we are. Work and other responsibilities are necessary, but when we finally land a few spare minutes, how we choose to spend our time is the real “us”. At least that’s how we feel at Join It. From college clubs to triathlons and volunteering, we were always busy participating, organizing, and leading small communities of shared interests. The communities varied in their degree of organization, however; some were small, efficient interest-monopolies while others were more like a group of like-minded people drinking a little too much, a little too often.

A common theme was shared among all our organizations: There were headaches. Paying dues, keeping calendars up to date, and staying connected were always annoying, but the friction was felt the most in leadership roles. That’s why we made Join It. Eliminate the maintenance! We want all organizations to focus on their value, not spending hours updating member lists. We are passionate about our micro-communities and want to build tools that enable like-minded people to be the same. So that brings us to now. Join It is here to help you run your group. We will focus on the biggest headaches first, with plenty of more to come!

Nice to meet you!

The Team Behind Join It

Our mission is to help organizations build communities around the world by providing a constantly improving service.

Mitch Colleran Avatar
Mitch Colleran
CEO & Founder

Mitch is the founder and CEO of Join It. He primarily oversees product and engineering. You can usually find him traveling or searching for his next cup of coffee.

Leah P. Avatar
Leah Pelkey
Customer Success

Leah manages our customer success and she's very passionate about helping people. She loves gardening and hanging out with her dogs!

Genna Avatar
Genna Ajram
Customer Success

Genna is a Customer Success Representative at Join It. When she's not assisting customers, she loves cooking and working out!

Taryn Avatar
Geo Garcia

Geo runs the Sales efforts at Join It! You can usually find him working out, reading, cooking, or shooting hoops.

Roman Avatar
RL Lejano

Ryan runs the operations behind the scenes and keeps Join It moving. When not working, he likes visiting aquariums, cycling, video games and cooking.

Roman Avatar
Jose Palacios
Customer Success

Jose works in Customer Success and writes our Marketing Newsletter. He also enjoys reading, boxing, traveling, and LV Raiders football.

Roman Avatar
PJ Mundo
Customer Success

PJ works in Customer Success and Quality Assurance. When not working, she enjoys free diving, video games, reading, and playing with her dogs.

Brad Avatar
Brad Geddes
Alumnus Founder

Brad was a founder at Join It and joked his title should be "janitor" because if he came across a mess, he'd fix it! He can usually be found training for his next Ironman, baking, or hanging out with his family.

The History of Join It

Providing membership management services since 2016.

Join It Was Established

The idea for Join It was born. Mitch saw a need for a membership management company that integrated with Eventbrite. He worked nights and weekends while working at his day job to get Join It off the ground! In September, Join It became officially incorporated and Mitch quit his day job and went full-time!

$1 Million in GVM

Mitch spent the year running everything from development to customer service to marketing. Join It also crossed $1 million in gross merchandise value in 2017!

Join It Reached Profitability!

2017 was all about gaining momentum and it paid off in 2018. Join It reached profitability! We’re thrilled to be completely self-sustaining and we’ve never taken funding from private investors during seed funding rounds. Not only did we also reach $2.5 million in gross merchandise value in 2018, but our organizations also sold over 500,000 memberships.

$5 Million in GMV

This was the year Join It was able to hire Leah, our customer success manager! Bringing Leah to the team allowed Mitch to step back from customer service and focus more on development. He released more features for Join It customers and we crossed $5 million in GMV.

$15 million in GMV

2020 was a hard year for many organizations. We extended a relief program to organizations impacted by COVID-19 to make it easier for organizations to survive the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, Join It was able to hire a marketing manager! This allowed Mitch to hand off all the marketing duties to me and focus even more on development. We crossed $15 million in GMV in 2020 and were thrilled to see organizations thriving despite the pandemic.

March 2021
$1 Million in Lifetime Revenue

We were thrilled to start a robust outbound sales strategy in 2021. Previously, we’ve relied on word of mouth and traditional marketing channels like paid advertisements and social media. Last year, we got to start an outbound marketing strategy and it’s been amazing! We love hearing from new customers who have new ideas on how to make our product even better.

Feb 2023
$50 Million in GMV

Join It exists to serve our customers and help them build their communities. So we're very proud to have helped our customers process $50mm worth of Gross Membership Volume through the Join It platform.

and beyond
What's to Come? 

In the coming years, we have big plans! Stay tuned for our upcoming projects!

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