Grant Multi-user Permission to Your Member Database

Invite multiple admins and grant permissions to access your member database.

Managing an organization takes a team, whether you’re working with a nonprofit organization, a booster club, or a casual neighborhood cycling club. Plus, sharing responsibilities and towards a common goal with others makes for a stronger organization. We are all building communities, right?

We’ve made it easy for administrators to collaborate by inviting additional users to work within your Join It account.

Collaborate with Multiple Administrators in Your Join It Account

Our Starter Package comes with one administrator seat, but the Extra Package for our largest organizations comes with ten administrator seats. Regardless of the package you select, after you’ve used your allotted admin seats, you can still add more! For $10.00 per month per additional seat, you can spread your managerial tasks across multiple administrators.

Divide and conquer. No more sharing usernames and passwords -- just real-time, seamless collaboration.

Three Access Tiers

First, we'll summary the different permissions (before diving into more detail):

  • Owner Permissions - Owner permissions have access to all functionality and features within and Organization. Grant this permission to users who need the ability to take the most sensitive actions; for example: deleting user data and editing billing information.
  • Manager Permissions - While Manager permissions do not have access to the most sensitive actions (such as deleting the organization), they do have access to the features that are needed to serve the members; for example: updating a membership's status, viewing membership records, and sending emails to members.
  • Frontdesk Permissions - Frontdesk permissions are very limited and typically are granted to enable users to view membership records and take limited actions on behalf of memberships. A users with the frontdesk permission will have limited access to the dashboard (logged in users with frontdesk permission will only see the Dashboard and Members table) and can not access any of the set up or configurations.

Detailed Descriptions of Permissions

In this section, we'll review in more details the different permission levels - so you can determine which ones are best to grant to your users.

Owner Permissions

When a user first creates an Organization, they are granted the 'owner' permission. This 'owner' permission gives them the most control over their Organization, its data, and the platform. When inviting additional users to your Organization, special consideration should be given before granting an 'owner' permission level.

Some key traits of the 'owner' permission:

  • Only owners can delete an Organization
  • Only owners can wipe an Organization's data
  • Only owners can update the Billing settings of an Organization's Package

Manager Permissions

Our most common permission that's granted to additional users is the 'manager' permission. This permission grants a wide breadth of permissions for the user to manage the memberships, but doesn't grant the most critical and sensitive permissions.

For example, a user with a 'Manager' permission can:

  • Update the status of a membership record
  • Update the billing information of a membership
  • Collect additional payments on a membership
  • Send emails to individual members or a segment

However, a user with a 'Manager' permission can not:

  • Managers can not bulk export a members list
  • Managers can not bulk delete members
  • Managers can not delete automations / connections
  • Managers can not delete an organization
  • Managers can not adjust Payout information via Join It (this can only be done directly in Stripe via the Stripe login)

Frontdesk Permissions

And lastly, we offer the ability for a user to be granted 'frontdesk' permissions. This is the most restrictive of our permissions and only grants the user the ability to take minimal actions on behalf of members.

For example, a user with a 'Frontdesk' permission can:

  • Add new members through the admin portal
  • Look up an existing membership
  • Edit the details on single memberships
  • When applicable, check-in a Membership

However, a user with a 'Frontdesk' permission can not:

  • Frontdesk users can not make any major changes to the set up of an organization.
  • Frontdesk users can only interact with membership records -- by adding members, looking up members, and editing members.


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