Membership Recurring Billing & Subscriptions

Membership management features you shouldn't have to live without.

With Join It, it's easy to process payments for your memberships. We offer a few options so you can find the best one for your organization!

Public Profile Payments

The most popular way to process a membership payment is by having your members purchase a membership from your public profile. You can find your Profile by clicking the 'View Profile' button from your Dashboard in the upper right-hand corner of your header navigation.

This checkout process is on just one page that collects the member's payment details as well as any additional custom fields.

Administrator Payments

It is super easy to add a new member’s payment manually from your Join It account.

After entering a new member’s information, there are three different payment record options:

  1. No payment: This is a manually added member

  2. Online: Processing a payment. This will dynamically display an easy-to-follow form.m

  3. Offline: Some other form of payment outside of Join It, like mailing a check.

You can choose the option that fits the situation best!

One-Time Membership Payments

Additionally, there is a third way to process a payment for a member in the form of a one-time online payment. This is intended for memberships as follow-up payments after a member has already purchased a membership via Stripe.

To process a one-time payment for a membership, navigate to the member record, click the green 'Add Payment' button, and then select 'Online Payment.’

For more information about processing payments through Join It, check out our Support Center.


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