Simple Membership Form Builder

Use our membership form builder to easily collect your members' data and payments. Set up is quick and you can collect any fields you need.

Customize Your Collected Member Data

Join It allows you to customize which fields you collect by membership type. Custom fields come in two flavors:

  1. Default Questions: Every membership type comes with multiple questions that you can toggle on and off as necessary. These fields include basic information commonly requested among all organizations: name, email address, social media, et cetera.
  2. Custom Fields: Custom fields are a valuable tool available through our paid Packages. Choose from an array of different field types and start collecting custom information from your members!

Once you’ve created a custom field for your Organization, we give you the ability to add that custom field to all your membership types without having to recreate it each time. The newly added field will become an option available within all membership types.

Choose From Various Field Types

Custom fields can take different forms depending on the information. Choose which options fit your needs:

  • Text Box: A simple one-line input field for a member to write any text.
  • Paragraph Text Box: A larger multi-line input field for a member to write a paragraph of text.
  • Radio: Give multiple options that are displayed for the user to select a single choice.
  • Dropdown: Give multiple options that collapse for the user to select a single choice.
  • Checkbox: Give multiple options for the user to select as many choices as they want.
  • Waiver: Include a body of text that the user has to 'Accept' before purchasing.
  • Ordering of the custom fields.


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