Event Management Software for Members

Offer members-only benefits, like discount and early access codes, for your upcoming events.

It’s hard to replace bringing together people that share a common interest -- and no one does event management and ticketing better than Eventbrite with their powerful, and user-friendly platform.

Eventbrite is one of our most popular and deepest integrations. We view it as a common thread among the majority of Join It users that events are a primary source of value for the relationship between organizations and their members.

Our Eventbrite integration includes:

  • Real-Time Syncing: Your membership database is always updated in Eventbrite, applying discounts and access codes and syncing updates between Eventbrite and Join It. Never miss a beat.
  • Discount Codes: Give member-only access or early access to tickets. Provide a discount as an appreciation for your members’ support.
  • Customized Benefits: Gold or silver, lifetime or prospective… assign discounts and priority access tailored to membership type.
  • Flexible Mapping: Create discounts and access codes for all events, specific events, or groups of tickets.
  • Connect The Dots: Eventbrite orders and check-ins are recorded in your Join It dashboard and tied to a specific member so you know who RSVPed and who attended. We also sync orders of non-members, tagging them as prospective members for potential follow up!
  • One-Click Importing: Once you’ve connected your Eventbrite profile with Join It, your Eventbrite events will be available for you to import to your profile with a single click.

Hosting events with this type of integration with your member database means you can find and diagnose issues with members who RSVP but don't attend, use events to bolster your stream of prospective members, and allow for additional benefits for your current members!


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