Email Marketing and Member Communication

Use our powerful member communication software to segment members and get them the right message at the right time.

On our mission at Join It to make membership management simple, we think it starts with making all of your most important data syncs across the applications that you’re using to run your organization.

We started by integrating MailChimp for email marketing and have since added other popular services like Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Emma, and others. Now, your membership database is never out of sync with your email marketing efforts.

Integrating Email Tools

Once you set up Join It, you can connect your preferred email marketing account and select which list you want new members to be added to.

This platform link includes:

  • Real-time syncing between Join It and your email tool.
  • List segmentation where members can be mapped to multiple lists.
  • Emailing based on membership type when membership types are configured to map to different, specific email lists.

You can find a full list of our integrations here. Is your favorite tool missing? Let us know!

Need Something Quick and Easy?

If you’re looking for an email tool for one-time communication to your organization, a lightweight way to automatically send notifications to members, or you just want to stick with Join It’s options, our Quick and Easy email tool might be the perfect fit for you!

Our Quick and Easy email tool is perfect for one-time communication with groups, automatic confirmation messages, renewal reminders, and more.


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