Automated Failed Payment Notifications

Convincing members to join is hard enough. So don't lose your existing members to failed payments. Use our automated notifications to retain your members.

Failed payments, frustratingly, can be fairly common! Sometimes the error can be driven by a bank accidentally flagging a charge as suspicious, other times a card may have expired or reached its maximum balance.

With each failed attempt, Join It will send a notification to your member and will BCC an organization administrator. This is a convenient way for you to keep track of any members that may need to update the payment information associated with their account.

Automatic Notifications

Regardless of the source of the failed payment, Stripe, our payment processor, has a default setting of attempting a charge three times after the first failed attempt. This default setting can be configured within Stripe to meet the needs of your organization.

Like the membership confirmation email, the failed payment notification is an automatic email sent through Join It, so you don’t need to have integrated with an email tool in order to see this benefit.


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