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Membership management features you shouldn't have to live without.

Finances are a cornerstone of Join It. We’ve deliberately built an array of tools to help you build, customize, and track your organization’s finances. On top of this, we’ve integrated with Stripe as our payment processor to securely process online transactions.

Processing Member Payments

One of the first and driving tools available within Join It lies in collecting membership dues and other payments. From simple, annual dues all the way to variable duration recurring payments, Join It has you covered.

We make it easy to process payments. There are many different options for accomplishing this, so we've gone through and explained each one in more detail.

Public Profile Payment

The most popular way to process a membership payment is by having your members purchase a membership from your public profile. You can find your Profile by clicking the 'View Profile' button from your Dashboard in the upper right-hand corner of your header navigation.

This checkout process is on just one page that collects the member's payment details as well as any additional custom fields.

Administrator Payments

Another popular option for taking a membership payment is through your admin dashboard. When an administrator is creating a new member record for the first time, they can enter payment details to process a payment on behalf of the member. You can also record offline payments like cash or check.

One-Time Payments

A third way to process a payment for a member is a handy, one-time online payment. This is intended for memberships as follow-up payments after a member has already purchased a membership via Stripe.

Other Finance Tools

On top of simple payment processing, your Join It account comes with plenty of other financial tools and configurations to empower your organization.

  • Flexible payment options: We offer a variety of payment cycle, duration, expiration, renewal, and re-billing options for you to choose from.
  • Taxes: Incorporate taxes or additional fees with your membership sales. This article in our help center goes into much more detail.
  • Cancellation policy: Set your memberships to be cancellable only by reaching out to an administrator.
  • Currency options: we’ve enabled organizations to process payments around the world. Check out our list of available currencies here.


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