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Sync Members to HubSpot

Instantly sync your members to your HubSpot account. Now your member information will always be up-to-date and no more manual tasks!

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Enabled via Zapier*
*For integrations that are done via 3rd party connectors, our support and knowledge of these connecting services can be limited.

HubSpot is an essential tool for folks doing inbound marketing -- and with their addition of a CRM product, there's even more utility from using their platform.

So, it's no wonder that some folks want their member database to instantly sync from Join It to their HubSpot or HubSpot CRM.

Flexible Set Up

The integrations between HubSpot and Join It is facilitated by Zapier, which means you can customize the connection to meet your specific needs.

Customization is done within Zapier using their visual editor and it makes a complex task much simpler!

And within the visual editor during set up, you can dictate the action you want done upon these popular events:

  • New Memberships
  • Updated Membership
  • Renewed Memberships
  • Inactive Memberships

Are there triggers missing that you'd love to see? If so, then we'd love to hear!

Instant Syncing

The integration is built so that updates in Join It are instantly synced, so there's no more worrying about whether your latest 'batch' has been processed.

As soon as the Membership is created/updated in Join It, that information is instantly pushed into HubSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this integration to update existing records in HubSpot? 

Yes, you can use this integration to update existing records in HubSpot. However, you need to set up a multi-step Zap that includes an initial step that executes a 'search' on your connected HubSpot contacts (e.g. connecting these on email). Then once you have this ID returned from HubSpot, you can use the information in the trigger to update the contact.

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Join It Pricing & Free Trials

Straightforward pricing with no setup costs and no hidden fees.
Annual plans get a 10% discount and nonprofit organizations qualify for an additional 10% discount.



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Perfect for small organizations that are just getting started

Collect custom fields
Unlimited automations
Up to 500 members in your database
3.0% service fee for online transactions
1 admin seat included
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Favored by medium-sized organizations that need automation to reduce manual tasks

Everything in Starter Package, plus:
Admin-only custom fields
Member Directory
Up to 1,500 members in your database
2.5% service fee for online transactions
3 admin seats included
/ Month
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Ideal for larger organizations that need a more custom solution

Everything in Growth Package, plus:
Custom digital membership cards
Removed Join It branding
API and webhook access
Up to 5,000 members in your database
2.0% service fee for online transactions
5 admin seats included
/ Month
/ Month
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Built for our largest organizations that need more member capacity

Everything in Total Package, plus:
Up to 15,000 members in your database
1.5% service fee for online transactions
10 admin seats included