Membership Management Software for Spain

We provide tools to run your organization and automate repetitive tasks, so that you spend less time managing your members.

Sell Memberships in Euro - €

Through our payment partner, Stripe, you can sell memberships in Euro.

Global Customer Support

We provide real-time chat support and respond to all incoming inquiries within 1 business day.

We also heavily invest in online documentation and self-service help to make sure you can find your answer as quickly as possible.

Member Experience in Your Language

In Spain, we've partnered with local organizations to translate the experience for your Members.

Simple to start. easy to use.

Packed With Features

Experience a better way to manage your memberships

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my organization collect donations with Join It? 
Why does Join It charge a service fee? 
How is Join It's service fee different from Stripe's payment processing fee? 
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