Syncing A Membership Database and MailChimp

In today's age, email is still the best tool for communication with groups. But it's only effective if the right people are on the list.
Mitch Colleran
January 7, 2021

Our mission is to make membership management simple, and we think that starts with making all of your most important data available across applications. 

We chose MailChimp as one of our first integrations so that your membership database is never out of sync with your email marketing efforts.

Once you set up your Join It account, you can connect your MailChimp account and select which list new Members will be added to when they register.

During your set up, you can choose whether you want all active members to be synced, or just members from specific membership types. This information is all saved within your timeline on your dashboard and each member’s record. 

Once you’ve synced your Join It and MailChimp profiles, you’ll have access to: 

  • Real-time syncing between Join It and MailChimp: Data from your Join It membership database gets pushed to MailChimp when a new member joins.
  • Optionally unsubscribe 'inactive' members: Members can be instantly unsubscribed when their status goes inactive (when the account is set up to sync Active Members).
  • List segmentation: Map members to multiple lists and build MailChimp segments of the additional information that gets pushed into MailChimp (details below).
  • Emailing based on membership type: Set up different configurations by membership types.

Once you're set up to start syncing from Join It to MailChimp, you'll notice that Join It sends some extra data to MailChimp that can be useful for segmentation. The fields that sync from Join It to MailChimp lists are: 

  • First Name (Merge Variable: FNAME)
  • Last Name (Merge Variable: LNAME)
  • Membership Type (Merge Variable: MEMBERSHIP)
  • Membership Status (Merge Variable: MSTATUS)
  • Expiration Date (Merge Variable: EXPIRATION)
  • Address, if available (Merge Variable: ADDRESS)
  • Birthday, if available (Merge Variable: BIRTHDAY

If you have another email marketing tool you’d like to use, let us know! We currently integrate with Campain Monitor, Constant Contact, Drip, MailerLite, Mailjet, Sendlane, and of course, MailChimp

Give it a spin by signing up for Join It and let us know what you think! Sign up now for your free trial

Mitch Colleran