Why Automatic Recurring Donations Are A Must For Your Organization

Automatic billing is an easy and effective way to reduce churn in your organization. Let's go over why you should use recurring donations or automatic billing.
Taryn Hefner
August 25, 2022

When you’re setting up your Join It membership account, you have a couple of options when it comes to billing your members. One of those options is to set up automatic rebilling! This is an easy and effective way to reduce churn in your organization. 

Why should you use recurring donations or automatic billing? Let’s get into it! 

Make It Easy 

Your members are busy! They have family, jobs, and hobbies, and they still want to support their favorite charities and nonprofits. Having automatic billing or recurring donations allows your members to “set it and forget it.” 

Anticipate Your Income 

It’s easier for members to support their favorite organizations: It’s easier for you to anticipate your income: Of course, even if you have recurring payments enabled, it won’t be perfect. There will always be members who need refunds, switch tiers, or cancel their membership altogether. But even with this in mind, having a general idea of what your income from memberships looks like can help you better plan for monthly expenses. 

Prevent Membership Lapses 

If members have to log in every month to pay, it’s easy for them to forget or simply forego logging in because it’s yet another thing on their to-do list that gets juggled out of the way to prioritize more urgent things. 

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Taryn Hefner