Membership Management Best Practices

Learn about the best membership management practices from Join It and the organizations that use our platform!
Mitch Colleran
June 22, 2021

In 2018, when we first wrote this post, we were a budding company with a list of aspirations as long as your arm! While we still have that same list of aspirations, we’ve learned quite a bit since initially publishing this article! To that end, we’ve updated it with new insights, challenges, case studies, and resources.

Join It came from us needing a better tool for membership management. Other platforms were expensive or outdated in their technology -- or both! So we figured that we could create something that met our own needs for something customizable and executed core features very well.

Each week we released new content geared to help improve how you run your organization. We want to get our hands dirty with you, sharing in the struggles and successes along the way. Now, you can download all those posts in one easy-to-read document!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get once you download: 

  • Life-cycle of a Membership
  • Membership Organization Efficiency 
  • Recurring Memberships vs. Non-Recurring Memberships
  • How to Onboard New Members
  • Membership Marketing
  • Memberships and Social Networks
  • Preventing Membership Churn
  • Membership Reactivation 
  • ...and more!

Finally, let us know what you want to hear. I guarantee that if you let me know what you want to address, I will get back to everyone. We may not cover each topic, but I will let you know as we develop new content that you want to learn more about! 

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Mitch Colleran