Why Diversifying Your Internet Presence Is Key To Success

To protect yourself from the risk of algorithm changes and break from the mold of platform-loyal customers, diversify your internet presence!
Taryn Hefner
August 9, 2022

When it comes to investing, experts always say to diversify your portfolio. One asset may decrease, but hopefully, your others don’t! The same principle applies to your website! You need to diversify your internet presence to reach the maximum number of customers! 

Let’s go over why you should be on multiple platforms for the sake of your business. 

Personal Preference 

Many people prefer one platform over the other and will hang out there. That means they’re likely only to see information if it appears on their preferred channel! This does mean that you'll have to tailor your content specifically for each channel, but it's definitely worth it for the visibility.

Website Outage Coverage 

What happens if your website goes down? You’ll need to be able to communicate with your customers via different channels and keep them updated on when your website will be back online. 

If it looks like your website will be unexpectedly unavailable for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours), consider sending out an email to your active users to let them know the status of your site. 

Shadowbans and Algorithm Changes 

Shadowbanning is the practice of restricting or blocking your content from getting in front of your customers in a way that isn’t readily apparent. 

Sometimes, especially on sites like Twitter or Instagram, you’ll be notified that your account is temporarily restricted; This is different from a shadowban, where you won’t be notified at all. It’s hard to diagnose and can be harder to recover from. 

Changes to a social media channel’s algorithm can also affect your visibility. Your content might suddenly be deprioritized in main feeds and stop performing as well on Instagram but remain unchanged on Twitter. But if you’re only active on Instagram, you’re stuck! 

Different Platforms For Different Locations 

Different platforms work better in different locations!

If you’re only based in the United States, you probably don’t need to advertise on Kijiji, a primarily Canadian classifieds platform. Some platforms like Facebook and youtube transcend this locality, but others like QQ, Douyin, Quora, and Reddit are a little more specialized.

This especially applies if your audience is most active on an industry-specific platform. You know your audience best, so follow them to their favorite platforms! 

Wrapping Up 

To save yourself from the headache of algorithm changes and break from the mold of platform-loyal customers, switch things up and diversify your internet presence! 

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Taryn Hefner