Types Of Organizations That Can Use Join It

No matter the type of organization, you can use Join It to manage memberships, streamline your communication, and take care of your payments!
Taryn Hefner
March 22, 2022

Join It exists for our customers! We’re constantly striving to make our services the best they can be to better serve our customers. 

Not familiar with the types of organizations that use Join It? Here are five different organizations that highlight all the different types of associations that can use Join It! 

Bicycle Network

This Australian nonprofit organization makes it easier for everyone to ride bikes every day. They advocate for safer riding conditions, fairer legislation, programs to help build bike riding habits, and community riding events! 

Check out their website at https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/ to learn more and join this organization. 

Socialist Rifle Association 

SRA is a social and welfare nonprofit based in Witchita, Kansas that advocates for education on self-defense and community safety. They organize mutual aid, delivering supplies to shelters and individuals alike, particularly in response to disasters like Hurricane Florence and COVID-19.

To see if there are local chapters near you, visit their website at https://socialistra.org/

Texas Home School Coalition 

THSC was originally established in 1986 and exists to assist parents and families with homeschooling within the state of Texas. They offer an extensive library of articles and newsletters to keep homeschooling fresh, coaches to help families to adjust to homeschooling, and planning tools and resources! 

For more information about THSC, visit their website at https://thsc.org/


This anime convention is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest, and is presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association! It started as a 3-day event in 1998 and has since grown dramatically and hosts more than 20,000 attendees. Sakura-Con is an exciting annual convention that’s held in Seattle at the convention center. 

Interested in becoming a member or attending the next convention? Visit the Sakura-Con website at http://sakuracon.org/ to get the details! 

Hawaiian Association for Justice 

The HAJ is a professional organization that was established in 1983 as a nonprofit that aims to educate the public and assist Hawaiian families through the judicial system. 

Though the association provides support for Hawaiians who have been injured by misconduct or negligence of others, members concentrate their time on Criminal Law, Domestic and Family Law, Product Liability, and more. 

For more information about the Hawaiian Association of Justice, visit their website at https://www.justicehawaii.com/

Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers
As an affiliated chapter of the American Society for Health Care Engineering, the Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers represents hospitals and their care staff in the Kansas City metro area. This also includes areas of Nebraska and Missouri! 

KCAHE is committed to promoting education, networking, and leadership for its membership. If you’re in the area of Kansas, Nebraska, or Missouri and you want to become a member of KCAHE, visit https://www.kcahe.org/

Wrapping Up 

No matter the type of organization you run or are part of, you can use Join It to manage your memberships, streamline your communication, and take care of your payments! 

Taryn Hefner