Free Fundraising Tools

These free fundraising platforms offer flexibility for new and growing organizations during fundraising campaigns!
Taryn Hefner
April 14, 2022

If you’re looking to improve your fundraising efforts this year, adding an additional resource to your toolkit might help! We’ve compiled a list of free tools to help you manage your fundraising and improve your donation experience all at once! Let’s get into it. 


Though you’ll still pay a small percentage processing fee for payments, Snowball’s Essentials plan is free to get started. All the plans, including the free Essentials plan, include training and support, mobile-friendly donations, social media sharing, recurring transactions, incomplete donation reminders, and more! 

Explore all their offerings at Snowball’s website


If your fundraising efforts involve selling shirts for your cause or organization, consider Bonfire! Bonfire is a system built for fundraising where organizations can make an online store for all custom shirts and other apparel. Upload custom artwork or design on Bonfire, and Bonfire is the one to print and ship orders for you. 

Depending on the type of store you open, you may still pay a processing fee, but there are no monthly subscriptions or inventory costs! 

Check out Bonfire’s website for more information. 


Funraise’s free plan will allow your organization to accept donations via card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. While the free plan doesn’t offer nearly as many integrations as the paid plan, organizations can still have a donation page, use forms, and manage events and ticketing through the Funraise system. 

Learn more about Funraise by visiting their website

Donate Kindly 

As a system that bills itself as “free forever” and offers a 0% platform fee, Donate Kindly is built for nonprofits looking to fundraise. While there isn’t a platform fee associated with Donate Kindly, organizations will still pay a payment processing fee and an additional $0.30 per donation fee. 

Users can embed customizable forms in any CMS to make donations easier, and Donate Kindly centralizes all donation information so you can keep track of your fundraising statistics easily.  

Check out Donate Kindly’s website for more information. 

Wrapping Up 

The ideal solution for any fundraising organization would be an entirely free platform without platform fees or payment processing fees. While payment processing fees aren’t yet a thing of the past, these platforms offer flexibility for new and growing organizations during fundraising efforts. 

Taryn Hefner