Bicycle Network Works In Tandem with Join It

By switching to Join It, Bicycle Network reduced member help tickets, improved membership registration, and reduced their overall cost!
Taryn Hefner
July 23, 2020

Overview of Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network is Australia’s largest member-based cycling organization. With the help of members, Bicycle Network aims to make it easier for everybody to ride a bike, every day by advocating for improved bike riding conditions across Australia. 

In an effort to reduce costs and user issues, Bicycle Network switched from a custom platform to Join It in early 2019. By switching to Join It, they reduced member help tickets, improved membership registration, and reduced their overall cost! 

Bicycle Network’s Needs 

Bicycle Network functioned on a poorly designed custom system that led to major user issues and unhappy members. Updates and additional development were never implemented, despite the obvious need. Because of this experience, Bicycle Network looked for another solution and focused primarily on a simple interface with easy-to-use elements for members. 

The organization spent more than three months evaluating competitors before deciding on Join It. 

Using Join It 

Bicycle Network’s Membership Manager Anthony Elliot described Join It as, “very simple to use and a terrific user experience for our members… Our switch to Join It coincided with a shift in our member acquisition philosophy that has led to a significant increase in our new member numbers - I’m 100% sure that it would not have been as effective if we hadn’t made the switch to Join It.” 

We’re proud to have worked closely with Bicycle Network to improve their member experience and thrilled that they’ve seen such an improvement after switching to Join It! If you’d like to improve your members’ experience with your professional association, alumni network, local bike club, or any other group of members, contact us today to get started. 

Taryn Hefner