5 Unique Ways to Welcome Members

If you’re running a membership group, you want any introduction as positive as can be! Here are some ideas to make their welcome memorable.
Taryn Hefner
August 23, 2022

If you’re running any kind of membership group or organization, you want to ensure that their introduction to your group is as positive as can be! Here are some ideas to make their welcome even more unique and memorable! 

  1. Send A Welcome Kit: If you’re really looking to make an impact, and you ask for your new members’ mailing address during the application process, send a small welcome kit! This can include a copy of your event calendar, fun branded items like pens, t-shirts, or coffee mugs, a letter from the president or board welcoming them to the organization, or information about your values and mission! Tip: Want to add some celebratory vibes to your welcome kit? Use paper confetti or wrap materials in fun tissue paper. Avoid glitter, or your members will find it around their house long after they’ve opened their kit!
  2. Mail A Handwritten Note: If you like the idea of a complete welcome kit but don’t have the time or resources to put one together, a simple handwritten letter can make the same sort of impact! Include your contact information and role in the organization, so the receiver knows who to contact. 
  3. Highlight New Members: If you send out a regular newsletter, have a dedicated section for welcoming new members! This welcome section can highlight your new members, and your existing members will know who to look out for in discussion boards, events, or training sessions.
  4. Send a Membership Card: Membership cards can increase your membership and loyalty and can go a long way to making your new members feel like they’re truly part of your organization. Bonus: Join It offers digital membership cards for organizations that want to keep things lean and accessible! 
  5. Send Guest Passes: Even if your next event is virtual, send guest passes (either physical or digital versions) for your new member! Not only will this encourage them to join your next event, but bringing in new faces might encourage some additional folks to join once they get a taste of your event planning prowess

Your members’ first interaction with your organization can set the tone for the rest of their interactions with you, so make sure it’s as personalized and unique as possible. The worst thing you can do is ignore new members altogether! Are you interested in learning more about onboarding new members? Check out our other blog posts about the best ways to introduce members to your organization! 

Taryn Hefner