What is a Gaming Lounge?

If you’ve heard of arcades, you’ve heard of gaming lounges. They’re amalgams of bars, arcades, and sometimes restaurants!
Taryn Hefner
May 3, 2022

If you’ve heard of arcades, you’ve heard of gaming lounges. They’re amalgams of bars, arcades, and sometimes restaurants! What else is involved in a gaming lounge? 

What is a gaming lounge?

It’s like a coworking space, but for video games! It can also include tournaments, cosplay contests, networking events, and other events.  It can combine the idea of an arcade with the latest and greatest games, consoles, and other technology. Some gaming lounges serve food and drinks to make it even more of a hang-out hub. 

How do you open a gaming lounge? 

Like any new business venture, your first order of business should be to research, research, research. In the United States, the arcade has largely fallen out of the mainstream consciousness in favor of gaming at home, connected by the internet. It would be imperative to the success of your lounge to understand the demographics of your area and any current competition. 

Visit bars, cafes, and restaurants in your geographic area that cater to your ideal demographic. Find what makes them tick and why people keep coming back. Is it the ambiance? The events? Maybe it’s a killer nacho plate. Figure out how you can make these concepts a reality at your lounge! 

What do you need at a gaming lounge? 

Part of the appeal of a gaming lounge is not only to hang out with friends but also to try out the newest technology and games. It would be best to keep a good catalog of the latest releases available for patrons and updated hardware. Invest in the latest headsets, high-quality monitors, and comfortable chairs. Be sure that you’re regularly inspecting the hardware for any signs of wear, especially if you end up serving food and drinks. 

You may also consider events! These could be events in honor of new product launches like the latest console or game or personal events like birthday celebrations. Consider also the possibility of networking events or special member-only events, like monthly happy hours and talks with an industry leader. These are things that will create good publicity for your business and encourage members to keep coming back time after time. 

What are the benefits? 

Some may wonder what the point of a gaming lounge is, especially if most gamers have their consoles, machines, library, and friends to play with. This is where it’s essential to make it more fun to come to a lounge than to stay at home. Host events, entertainment, giveaways, or start a trade-in program where members can trade in old hardware or games for lounge time. Tournaments are a great way to create buzz since there’s nothing like seeing your opponent’s face in real-time as they lose to your team! 

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Taryn Hefner