What Do Car Clubs Do?

Whether you’re into vintage classics or modified Mustangs, you might think about joining a car club. But what does a car club actually do?
Taryn Hefner
March 17, 2022

Ah, the car club. Whether you’re into vintage classics, modified Mustangs, or just want to hang out with other folks as excited about your ride as you are, you might think about joining a car club. But what does a car club actually do? 

Clubs keep people connected 

The best part of any club is socializing! You’ll get chances to socialize with new people at every in-person function, and your club will hopefully have a club member management system that makes use of emails to keep you apprised of the latest happenings. Social media is a good stand-in for this, but nothing beats the real thing. 

Stoking the competitive fire 

Depending on the club, you might be able to get involved in a local rallycross or autocross event. These high-energy, adrenaline-boosting events are some of the most fun ways to push your car’s limits, push yourself as a driver, and learn more about similar cars from people just as obsessed with them as you are!   

Going out for a spin 

Like the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, some clubs will let you take various cars out on the road, so long as you have an active license and a membership. You can spend part of your weekend cruising around in your dream car! Many of these types of clubs will change out the cars they have available for different seasons, meaning you’re never bored with your latest ride. 

Mod support 

It doesn’t matter if you just like to tinker on weekends or are serious about doing all your car’s maintenance and modifications yourself! Having a resource like members from your car club around to ask questions, brainstorm, and problem solve is a great way to bolster your knowledge while making the latest change to your car.  

Whether you’re new to the world of car clubs or well-established, you or your club might need some help with your membership management, and there’s nothing we’d rather do than help the gearheads get together. Try out Join It for a free trial! 

Taryn Hefner