How to Write Effective Emails for Your Organization

Email may seem like an outmoded strategy, but it can be incredibly effective. How do you make email marketing work for your organization?
Taryn Hefner
December 14, 2021

With the advent of social media on various platforms, email may seem like an outmoded strategy. But it can be of the highest converting channels for many industries! How do you make email marketing work for your organization? You write effective emails. Here are six ways to make sure your emails are in tip-top shape! 

Nail Your Subject and Preview Text 

Before they even open your email, your readers will want to know what's in it. Your subject line and preview text are absolutely critical. Your subject line is the fastest chance you'll have at promoting a product or service, letting users know about a sale or event, or letting them know about important information from which they'll truly benefit. 

Be Mobile-Friendly 

67% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. More than half of your users won't see your email on a desktop computer, and you have to keep that in mind when you're designing your email. Keep your text big enough to read, your buttons big enough, and don't change the background color to something that makes it difficult to decipher. 

Follow Best Practices 

It doesn't always matter what the medium is when you're writing, be it a blog post, research paper, email, or dissertation. There are always some basic standards to keep your content as readable as possible. Use headings where appropriate, break up topics into separate sections to make use of white space, and be as concise as you can. 

Avoid Spam Words 

Make sure you get delivered to an inbox and not filtered out! Simple things like using all capital letters in your subject line can be a make-or-break decision and get your email filtered into a spam bucket. Writing in all caps, having a misleading subject line, inaccurate or missing physical address information, missing unsubscribe links, and using spam trigger words can all get you filtered out of the inbox and into the spam folder. 

Be Conversational and Relevant 

There's nothing saying that emails from a business or organization must be boring! Be conversational and let your audience get to know your brand and voice. Conversational text is much easier to read (and retain!) than dry information. 

You also want to make sure that you're not approaching every person the same way! You wouldn't approach a new member the same way you would a subscriber who has been loyal to your brand for two years, would you? 

Promote An Action 

Maybe you have an upcoming event to announce or a new blog post that you're promoting. Whatever it is, you want your users to take action. Be sure to promote that action by providing a button or form and an explicit call to action within your email. Make the font bigger, change the color of the button, whatever you have to do to make sure that it's emphasized! 

Email can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your subscribers, members, or website visitors. Make sure you're making the most of it by using these tips, testing which emails perform best, and constantly learning from your readers. 

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Taryn Hefner