How To Connect Zoom and Join It

Using Zoom isn't just for the office. You can make use of Zoom for board meetings, fundraisers, member events, and more!
Taryn Hefner
September 14, 2020

2020 has been the year of Zoom meetings, and the video conferencing service has become an essential part of many workers’ toolkits to survive working from home. That said, it’s not just used as a conference room stand-in! Many people are using Zoom simply to talk to family, see doctors, host movie nights, and other social events. Your membership organization can make use of Zoom for board meetings, member events, and more! 

How does Zoom work with Join It? 

First, go to the Automations tab in your Join It Dashboard, and connect your Zoom account to your Join It account.

From there, you can create your meetings in Zoom as you normally would. There’s no change to your process here!  

These newly created meetings are automatically and instantly pushed to your Join It account. That means your profile (and your member portal) are always up to date. 

Zoom Meeting Tips 

There are guides on how to use zoom all around the internet, but here are a few of my favorite tips to help your remote meetings benefit your membership website. 

  • Record meetings as a way to increase your content on your website if you’re discussing things members or the general public might need to know. 
  • If you run a board meeting with one member missing, you don’t have to worry about taking notes, you can just send them the recording of the meeting. Record a welcome meeting for new members who can’t make a real-time introduction to your organization. Record meetings where major announcements are made (perhaps changing in pricing, annual event announcements, etc.) and then send that recording out via email to ensure that everyone got the message! 
  • Include an agenda
  • This one is straight to the point. Keep everyone focused and on task with a detailed agenda. 
  • Bonus: When you send the recording out to those that missed the meeting, include the agenda so they know what to expect. Want to really impress them? Include timestamps for each agenda item so watchers can skip to the part that’s relevant to them. 
  • Turn off audio for everyone 
  • To avoid hearing the crunching of someone’s afternoon snack or breathing into the microphone, mute all! Go to Participants and click on Mute All. Make sure you check the box marked “allow participants to unmute themselves” if you’re expecting a discussion! If it’s more of a speech or presentation and you don’t want audience participation, leave this box unchecked. Be sure you have the desktop client or mobile app installed. Browser versions of Zoom don’t always offer this feature. 
  • Tip: You must be either the host or a designated co-host in order to have these privileges! 

If you’re running a nonprofit organization, student club, booster club, or any other sort of membership organization, Join It and Zoom are a match made in event-planning heaven! Get started today with a free trial of Join It.  

Taryn Hefner