Customizable Membership Profiles

Your profile is how potential members learn about your organization, so we're making sure you put your best foot forward... again!
Mitch Colleran
August 17, 2021

In terms of updates, we love working on making your profiles easier to use and look even better. 

Since the early days, we’ve revamped the profile layout, made your social links front and center, and added a quick link on your dashboard.

Now, your profile just leveled up again. Check out the profile link from your dashboard navigation panel.

Here, your inner Picasso can shine. By clicking “Edit Images”, try uploading a logo and a header image, or choose a placeholder by using one of our handy templates.

Preview any of these updates by returning to the “Profile Preview” section, and at any time, hop over to your live profile to see your changes in real-time. 

Lastly, based on feedback from our users, we wanted to make it easier for your members to sign up for a membership. So we’ve added a clear ‘Join’ button to each membership option. A small update, but an important one nonetheless.

Of course, we’re always working on making your profile tool better.

Want to let us know what we should focus on next? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or by visiting our contact page

Mitch Colleran