Add Comments to Membership Records for Better Tracking

Join It introduces an advanced commenting feature for seamless membership management, enabling flexible information tracking and effortless collaboration among multiple admins.
Mitch Colleran
July 27, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil our latest enhancement to our membership management software – an advanced commenting feature that takes your membership records management to the next level! We understand the importance of seamless collaboration, flexibility, and historical context when it comes to managing memberships, and this new feature delivers precisely that and more.

What's New?

Our new commenting feature allows you and your team of admins to add comments to membership records effortlessly. This means you now have the power to track information in the most flexible way, enhancing the communication and collaboration across your organization.

Key Benefits of the Commenting Feature:

  1. Flexible Information Tracking: Say goodbye to rigid data entry and welcome the freedom to add personalized comments to each membership record. Whether it's a special note about a loyal member or a specific service request, you can now keep all relevant information in one centralized place.
  2. Collaborative Admin Experience: Join It understands that many hands make light work. With our commenting feature, multiple admins can effortlessly collaborate by viewing and contributing comments to membership records. Know who commented and when, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  3. Historical Context: Gain valuable historical context for each membership record by tracking its journey through comments. Easily refer back to past interactions, understand member preferences, and make informed decisions.

At Join It, our mission has always been to empower organizations of all sizes to manage their memberships efficiently and effectively. This new commenting feature aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make your membership management journey as smooth as possible.

How to Get Started

Using the commenting feature is incredibly straightforward. Simply navigate to the desired membership record in your members' database, and you'll find a user-friendly comment section. Type in your comment, hit save, and voilà – you've added valuable information to the record!

Start leveraging the power of enhanced collaboration and information tracking today with Join It's membership tracking.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue improving your experience with Join It. Our team is excited to see how this new feature will transform your membership management workflows and make your organization even more successful.

Thank you for being a part of the Join It community. Together, we'll make membership management a breeze!

Mitch Colleran