3 Ways To Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

How can you ensure your customers turn from casual customers to dedicated brand ambassadors who spread the word about your organization?
Taryn Hefner
February 3, 2022

When it comes to your advertising strategy, you’ve probably covered things like website content, social media, and paid ads. But what about interacting with your customers? How can you ensure that your customers turn from casual customers to dedicated brand ambassadors who advocate for your brand and spread the word about your organization? We’ve got three tips to help! 

Get Personal

Humans are social creatures. We’ll bond with anything. Give your users a chance to see your brand as more than a brand, but rather as a person who manages a brand! Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your monthly newsletter, or behind-the-scenes selfies on your social media accounts. 

Note: If you want a brand ambassador who keeps to your specific brand styles, wording, and images, you’ll want to pay them for their time and influence. This is especially true if you’re approaching new people who aren’t currently involved with your organization! 

Do The Right Thing 

People will naturally voice their support for brands that are doing the right things, whether it’s fundraising for a local charity or advocating for a higher minimum wage. Be open about any causes that you donate to as an organization, any charitable partnerships, or just boost awareness for issues that permeate your industry on the whole.  

Make It Easy 

Ensure your social media handles are prominently displayed and that your website is easy to share. Share it yourself on your own social platforms– does it display in a visually appealing way? If not, you may need to optimize your website so that platforms like Facebook or Twitter in the best way possible. 

If you’re not sure where to start but you’re not happy with the way your social media posts look, it’s time to read up on open graph protocol

Wrapping Up

Customers or members who love your organization will naturally want to spread the word. Ensuring that your brand engages with customers in friendly ways and that it’s easy to share your organization’s posts and website will help these valuable members of your community do what they do best! 

Taryn Hefner