3 Things Your Student Organization Software Needs

Student clubs can be a vital place for students! Here are the top 3 things that every student organization needs in management software.
Taryn Hefner
October 13, 2020

As school picks back up around the United States, both virtually and in-person, so do student organizations! Especially at universities, student organizations and clubs can be a vital place for students to socialize, study, and make valuable connections. 

As these clubs and organizations grow in membership, you might be looking into software to help automate some of the more mundane tasks and streamline the everyday processes. Here are the top 3 things that every student organization needs when evaluating management software. 

Organized Contact Information 

Especially as organizations grow, having current contact information centralized in one place will eliminate many unnecessary steps when trying to contact one another. 

Tip: Make sure students can update and change contact information without needing assistance from an organization administrator. 

Email Integration 

If your organization is already using a tool like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or another email platform, be sure any software up for evaluation integrates with this tool! Having the ability to sync your member database to your email lists will save you time (and headaches) with every email you send out. 

Tip: If you’re not using an email tool already, Join It comes with a built-in email tool that makes automated and one-off emails a breeze. Customize automatic membership confirmations or renewal reminders, and create quick emails that can be sent to individuals or groups of members based on their status. 

Engaged Leadership 

Strong leadership can ensure the group doesn’t devolve into just going through the motions! Having leadership that is responsible for specific items like sending out member emails, following up on missed payments, or scheduling the next meeting can also ensure that administrative items don’t fall through the cracks and that your members are getting the best experience. Make sure any software you evaluate has the option to add multiple admin seats so everyone has access to the information they need. 

Bonus: Tier Options 

As organizations change over time and student commitments change, having different levels of commitment to the student club will be essential to maintaining an engaged member base. Allow members to increase their engagement during semesters with lighter course loads and decrease engagement without completely leaving the organization! Not only will the club remain top-of-mind for students, but administrators will be able to keep in touch. 

Adding software to your toolkit can make running and participating in a student organization, whether for social or academic purposes, easier for both members and administrators. Find some services that might serve your organization well and sign up for trials to get the full picture. Join It offers a free trial with no credit card required, so you can get started right away. 

Taryn Hefner