What is the Best Contact Management Software?

Contact management software can be one of your best assets. But with so many products, how do you choose which one is right for you?
Taryn Hefner
May 10, 2022

Managing contacts as a new start-up or a growing business can be daunting and, as a big corporation, can be impossible without automation. Contact management software can be one of your most significant assets. But with so many different products on the market, how do you choose which one is right for your business? Here are some leaders in the contact management and CRM space. 

Hubspot CRM 

Hubspot CRM offers many different solutions to the sales process and manages your contacts. It includes tools to manage meeting schedules, live chat, and prospecting tracking tools if that’s something that would benefit your business. It’s also free! 


Salesforce is a heavy hitter in the CRM game, and they’ve gotten their system down to a science. While it’s more of a sales-focused tool, it allows users to manage contacts as well as support cases, track emails, meetings, and users can create custom dashboards and reports to better analyze how time is being spent. Salesforce has many package options depending on the size of your business and industry, so be sure to read up on what they offer. Plans start at 

Join It

Join It is less about sales and more about creating connections, which makes it different than other CRM systems. Join It users can use integrations with tools many businesses are already using, like Eventbrite, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, Quickbooks, and more. In addition to a robust support library, Join It also offers customer support via chat and email with a stellar team. Plans start at just $29/month. 

Still can’t decide? Here are some items you might want to look for in your continuing research. 


You’re likely already using tools that are essential to your business processes. Any service that lacks integrations with tools like Quickbooks, MailChimp, or Google’s G Suite may be a dealbreaker for you. Be sure to investigate which means you’ll be able to continue to use seamlessly and which ones may take some adjusting. 


There are free products available, but you’ll typically get more support, power, and tools at your disposal with a paid product. Many of these tools have options for nonprofits, small businesses, and other organizations that qualify for discounts, so ask around and see how much your particular business would have to spend. 


While some businesses can get by on a primarily self-serve product, others may benefit from a dedicated support team. 

Contact management software, or customer relationship management, can help streamline your business processes and save you both time and money. Sign up for some free trials, like Join It’s free 14-day trial, and see which solutions work for your business. 

Taryn Hefner